With a decade of experience in enlightening customers on the necessity of want to be your pure audio.


With knowledge of varied audio concepts, Mr. Chasy Shymalan is a person you could depend upon whenever required.


With his flexible approach to understanding customers’ needs, Mr. Chasy Shymalan want to be your audio consultant.


With his unique approach, making use of innovative marketing strategies, Mr.Chasey has shown what an audiophile can achieve

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Journey Started

Church House Auditorium Sound Focussed on Audio and Video Solutions, with 10 years of experience in Audio and Video Integration with Verticals such as Auditorium, Home Theater, Home Audio, Personal Audio - HiFi Stereo and Board Room Solutions.We guarantee the highest quality installations of the different complexities of products we sell and the vast variety of systems we offer. CHASY SHYAMALAN has always loved Sound and He BELIEVES Hearing is one of the body's five senses. BUT Listening is an ART! As years passed, his passion as an audiophile grew stronger- he wanted to enlighten people in need by listening purest audio possible with equipment that would pave way for a whole new dimension of cinematic experience; providing Sound finesse solutions since June 2010 which provides clients who want their home theatre system or commercial project delivered right. We Provide and Integrate Home Theater Solution and Not Interior Solution for HOME THEATER. We design and craft all equipment needed for ultimate sound and Visual reproduction.

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Why compromise listening to ordinary sounds, peek into our offerings to listen like a king of the purest audio.
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