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Chasey is a leading provider of home theatre and audio products that can make any space play music. We have the latest in sound technologies to suit every individual’s taste, from discerning new-age consumers who want only their very best solution for whatever room they are in at this moment all the way down to those looking specifically into something more compact or smaller than full-size options exist on today’s market shelves!


"Mr Chasy of Chas guided me very well in the selection of an excellent home theatre system which was perfectly compatible with my room and suited my budget. His service was awesome and prices highly competitive. Wish him and his team all the best!"

C. Rajendran

"Whenever I decide to buy any hi-fi audio system, the first person I call is Mr. Chasy and he turns out to be the last person as-well. He always gives me the best price and a variety of options. He is amicable, flexible and also very professional with his service."

Tyler Durden and Kinofist