How Thx sound became ubiquitous in theatres

June 9, 2022
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 THX is an acronym for Tomlinson Holman’s experiment. This standard was created in order to ensure quality and uniformity of sound notes across all theatres playing Lucasfilm company audio. This way, viewers can hear music in their movie with perfect clarity no matter where they go

THX has a set of strict rules for ensuring high-quality digital sound playback. These can be used in any setting, whether it’s professional theatre or cinema systems with surround options to make sure you’re getting  the best experience possible at home! It is best suited for residential  buldings

The THX Certification ensures that your surround sound system delivers precise, high-quality audio playback with respect to room dimensions. Consistency of sound propagation is what you hear from one speaker to another so it will be exactly how an engineer intended when recording or mixing something in their studio!

THX Certification Objective

This is more than just a certificate for sound systems. THX Certified speakers also ensure that you will hear the best possible quality of audio, visual media, and gaming experience when playing games or watching videos on your computer with an HDMI output.

This certification verifies that the manufacturer is committed to producing high-quality speakers and audio equipment. They’ve achieved this level of excellence for you, as their customer can enjoy professional sounding systems without any flaws!

History of THX

THX Ltd., founded in 1983 by George Lucas and headquartered out of San Francisco California has developed the “THX” high fidelity audio/visual reproduction standards for movie theatres screening rooms home theatres computer speakers gaming consoles car sound systems video games. Razer Inc.’s subsidiary THXT is dedicated to creating an immersive experience through their innovation with noise-cancelling technology which gives you ultimate comfort while watching your favorite flick or playing that all-important game!

 To ensure accurate soundtrack reproduction in the best venues for this movie, George Lucas developed a new system called “THX”. The name THX now stands for “crossover” or experiment, as well as an homage to James A Moorer who created that famous glissando up from a low pitch used throughout all those awesome trailers composed using his music-making software called “DeepNote”.



THX home theatre sound system that ensures high-quality playback for any film soundtrack mixed in it. It does this by certifying theatres, which then provide their customers with certified audio equipment and surround sound mixing techniques to make sure the movies are exactly how they should be heard.

This spatial sound ensures that your sound system meets the specific acoustic and other technical requirements for an auditorium. This includes features in your home that help reduce noise levels. For example, a floating floor, walls with treated surfaces, or screens to reduce noise. This was written about in a document from 2016 by Razer who owns the rights to this technology.

The first theatre THX was installed in a part of USC’s film school. It is now used as an independent movie house, with its own unique installation and sound design for each film shown there.

THX products

THX is a well-trusted company that creates certifications for additional products including home audio, theatre, and automotive sound components. The THX certification extends to speakers as well as desktop systems; it also covers other items such as laptops or headphones with an HDMI cable attached!

1. THX Certified Select

THX Certified Select products are designed for medium-sized rooms such as guest rooms, and dining rooms, up to 2 thousand cubic feet (57 m3) in size with a viewing distance from the screen between 10 and 12 feet.

2. THX Certified Ultra

THX-certified Ultra Products are designed for people who want to enjoy a movie experience in their own large spaces, these huge screens have viewing distances up 12 feet or 3 meters so you can feel like part of an epic motion picture!


3. THX Certified Dominus

THX Certified Dominus products are top-of-the-line when it comes to large home cinemas. Whether you have a space up 6500 Cu ft (180 m3) or 20 feet from your screen, these surround sound systems will make sure that every detail is heard and seen with clarity!

4. THX Certified Compact

THX Certified products for smaller-sized rooms, up to 2,000 Cu ft (57 m3) in size with an 8-foot viewing distance from the screen.

5. Multimedia products

The THX Certified Multimedia Products are designed and engineered for PC gaming, so you can enjoy your favorite games the way they were meant to be played.

6. I/S Plus Systems

THX’s I/S Plus systems are so sleek and efficient that they can be placed anywhere from your living room all the way into a small home theatre while Onkyo makes them exclusively, but you’ll find Enclave Audio has some too!

7. THX Certified Optimode and Optimizer

THX Certified DVD and video displays (plasma display, LCD, or LED flat panels) including THX Optimode allow users to see a program as originally intended. Some tests required the use of special “blue filter glasses,” but these were included with your purchase when you bought it from their website at the time! 




This Certification is rarified by home theatre enthusiasts. This certification ensures that a product can produce high-quality sound energy and video, which will make your movies come alive with surround sound effects or gameplay like never before!.

THX Sound Reproduction


This Certified sound reproduction doesn’t require the audio to be recorded in any particular format; whether it’s Dolby Digital or otherwise. Rather, THX is most important at moments when we play speakers such as 7 1/5 surround systems that use their noise-cancelling technology for perfect clarity of dialogue and music without distortion so you can enjoy movies just like they were meant too!


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